Sunday, 2 June 2013

It's been a while since I last checked in here!  More beads have come and gone, and still they keep on coming.  Heading into winter we have fewer markets to  attend, so the pressure to have items made for sale reduces, and a bit of free time now comes into play - time to make beads!

Most recent beads include silver glass pieces, and a small but growing collection of critters.  A parcel containing an eclectic collection of beads was sent off recently for Beads of Courage, a donation to be shared with kids and their families who are surviving medical treatments for a variety of illnesses.  It's a great way to encourage those less fortunate than my own family.  When I first heard of Beads of Courage I wondered what good beads would possibly do for a kid who was sick.  That was before I met the mother of one such child while I was at a market day in Green Island just before Christmas last year.  This mum made it very clear to me that those beads are treasured items, and that those that were 'earned' as positive milestones were very much looked forward to eg Purple Hearts.  With that encouragement in mind, I intend to keep doing beads that will be suitable to send, as the demand far outstrips the supply since there are not many bead makers here in NZ. 

 Silver glass bead - love the colour!

This one has a very funny story behind it - sad I don't have permission to share it!

 Big hole bead selection

 Sparkly big hole bead

 Sparkly big hole bead

2 sides of the same bead

Copper leaf gives a gorgeous effect!

2 sides of Silver glass bead - just love this one!

Ladybird, large
Pink silver glass heart

 Pink and red heart

 Pink silver glass heart

 Silver glass fushia pink heart

Pink heart made for an order

Deep teal silver glass bead

Ok, so I like ladybird beads!

Silver swirled bead
More green silver glass

And then there are the tutorial inspired beads!  This one from a Sarah Hornik tutorial

Other side

Yes, more little ladybirds!

Inspired by beads by Donna Millard

Another Donna Millard inspired bead



Ocean bead

Large shard decorated bead

Other side

Purple Heart for Beads of Courage

Prototype butterfly - I intend to work more with this design for Beads of Courage

Turtle beads made for Silas Edenfield, a courageous young man whose earthly life ended earlier this week, due to childhood cancer.  I hope he got to see them before he passed away.

Frogs are always fun

Bracelet made to order.