Monday, 27 August 2012

This is a bit scary!

I have no idea what I'm doing starting a blog, but here goes.

I'm Nikki, I'm a bead maker (sounds like an AA intro!) working in glass over a hot flame.  After several years of making and selling jewellery made with OPB's - that's Other Peoples' Beads, to those who couldn't guess - it was only a matter of time and timing before making my own beads was to grab me.  Like many bead makers to be found across the world, I am teaching myself.  The internet is a wonderful tool in the learning process, and I have 'met' many wonderfully generous people in my glass journey.  Generous with hints and tips, tutorials etc, and truly inspiring in their talents.  I can only hope to begin to emulate some of the amazing talent 'out there'. 

Bubbles and Beads is a collaboration between myself and a very good friend, Karen.  She's the one who started it all!  Karen taught me the skills I needed to make bead jewellery, and we get together regularly to present our wares at craft markets around the Otago region of New Zealand.  Watch out, because she too is about to launch into the world of hot glass in the very near future .....

The market season for 2012 will kick off soon, and the summer will become a whirlwind of gazebos and tables, sales and contacts.  Looking forward to it.

Introducing my latest set of creations, featuring some handpulled murrine in pinks. 

 This winter has seen our Facebook page, Bubbles and Beads, gain more 'likers', and it's been exciting to make new contacts and have the ability to share my beads with the world.  I've had some orders and some sales, and am enjoying the challenge of being asked to make special items for people.  The pink beads above have been made with someone in mind.  Next session at the torch  will see me working on some purple and some blue rosebuds for another lady - look out tomorrow!

Happy melting

The Glassonist